What is a Swim Spa?

Could you benefit from both a hot tub and swimming pool, but can’t decide which one to get? With a swim spa, you don’t have to choose! These modern and versatile spa systems offer the best features and benefits of both hot tubs and pools, with a few extras to boot! If you’re new to the world of swim spas and aren’t sure exactly what they are, this article is for you.

The Perfect Mix of Relaxation and Recreation

A great way to describe a swim spa is that it is the perfect combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool. Swim spas can be installed either above or below the ground and are about two to three sizes bigger than a regular hot tub. They offer a seating area, with anywhere from two to six seats, depending on the model. They also offer an open-concept tank that is perfect for exercise and a variety of recreational activities. At the far end of the swim spa is a powerful jet system that creates a stream of water strong enough for the user to walk, jog or swim against.

Some swim spas have an interior wall that divides the seating and open concept areas, enabling a dual-temperature experience for swimmers and soakers alike. Many like to keep the seating area warm and comfortable, which is ideal for relaxation, and the tank area slightly cooler for physical activity.

Swim spas are equipped with a combination of fun and functional features, such as hydrotherapy jets, interior and exterior LED lighting, user-friendly control panels, advanced water filtration, neck pillows, drink holders, and many more.

Swim Spa Benefits

Now that you know what a swim spa is, we can focus a little more on the benefits.

  • Better use of backyard space
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Reduced and relieved stress
  • Eased muscle tension
  • Soothed joint pain
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • More time spent with loved ones
  • Improved post-injury recovery
  • Boosted production of endorphins
  • Regular rest and relaxation
  • Improved balance, flexibility, and overall mobility

To learn more about the many lifestyles and health benefits of swim spas, speak with the experts at your local Paradise Valley Spas showroom today.

Installation Ideas

An amazing benefit of owning a swim spa is the versatility of the spa system. They can be installed either inside or outside and above or below the ground. If you wish to install your swim spa outside, you can incorporate it as part of your landscape. Whether in your patio or deck area or in your lawn area, you can easily create a built-in look with various landscape additions.

Here are three swim spa installation ideas to get you started:

  1. Create the perfect area for entertainment by installing it directly into your deck/patio area and adding outdoor patio furniture nearby, along with other features such as a sound system, outdoor lights, and even a fire pit or table for added ambiance
  2. Build an installation designed for relaxation by placing your swim spa away from the house for privacy and surrounding with greenery, flowers and optional water features
  3. Create a family-friendly installation by keeping the swim spa above ground with a locking entryway, exterior illumination and outdoor furniture so that everyone can spend time outdoors together

How will you install your swim spa?

Paradise Valley Spas

To shop from a wide selection of swim spas for sale, contact or visit your local Paradise Valley Spas showroom today. One of our experts would be more than happy to help you learn more about swim spas and ultimately find the best spa for your lifestyle.

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